About The MODEL SEarch


What Are We Looking For?

Please note, all models for 2020 have been choosen.   We are now looking for models for 2020-2021.

You must be a Junior or a Senior For Academic Year 2020-2021 that go to high-school in the Greater Orlando area to apply.

As a selected model / brand influencer, you are eligible to receive a professional photo shoot in the Greater Orlando area approximately in December or early January with one of our top  photographers wearing a designer gown promoting Prom 2021 that will be used for marketing either Jenny Rogan Exclusives or So Sweet Boutique throughout the year.  

You will also work directly with one of our senior stylist at So Sweet Boutique and allowed to take several pictures in our boutique wearing the latest and hottest dress trends to share on your personal social media platforms (this is a requirement) as well as So Sweet Boutique's social media (we currently have over 24,000 followers on Instagram)!

No previous modeling is required. We are looking for girls ranging in size 00 - 24 that love to post on social media.  Do to the length of the gowns there is a height requirement of 5"4" (we do not have the ability to alter or hem them prior to the shoot).  You must  be comfortable wearing 3 - 4 " heels.  We have this requirement because you have to be able to walk without dragging the dress you are wearing.

All brand influencer's selected for  Jenny Rogan or So Sweet Boutique  will be chosen by 3rd party professionals in the industry.   We know we can't choose, because we love you ALL SO MUCH!

  • Deadline for Application is December 1st, 2020.

                                       (Announced By December 4th)

        Please Keep the following In Mind if you are selected,   A lot of time  and great effort goes into scheduling - please be flexible as possible.  If you know prior you have a lot going on in December, you may consider not applying.

1) You will be required to attend the * Mandatory Dinner Meeting ( 1 parent can attend) .

2) You will be required to attend the 2  days / nights that are scheduled for you to come in to try on dresses.

3) You must attend the professional photo shoot.

*Professional Photo Shoot (location in Greater Orlando) 

We will let you know either way if you were selected or not selected!

What You Will Receive?

Should you be selected for a  brand influencer,  for  Jenny Rogan or So Sweet Boutique

1) You will receive special pricing on all in-stock full price dresses for 1 full year PLUS a free pair of earrings up to $50 value (excluding Jim Ball).   

2) You will also get access to the images from the photographer for your use.   You will also receive a complimentary portrait of yourself as an individual to use as you choose (great idea for senior portraits). 

 3) You also will get the title of  "Jenny Rogan or So Sweet Boutique Brand Influencer / Model" for the 2020-2021 year.  

A Non Refundable application fee of $25 is due at time of application submission.  This fee helps pay all the professional costs involved. Only applications that have paid the $25 fee will be considered.   Monies that are left over, are being donated to a non for profit charity in the Greater Orlando area, you are making a difference!  ***The extra funds from our last model search went into assisting local families in need by purchasing and donating 20 Turkeys and 20 Pumpkin Pies and donating over 25 unwrapped toys this last holiday season.

*We also collect a small nominal fee to be able to identify more easily who is serious about wanting to be a model / spokes-model and take the application process professionally.

*Please note if you are selected  and are under 18,  you will need  your parents or legal guardians to also sign the agreement and any paperwork that is provided..